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Welbilt’s commitment to delivering kitchen system solutions that can be perfectly tailored to your needs has never been more important. In a fast-changing world, we have long understood that you need to be dynamic and adapt to unforeseen challenges. Our Welbilt team is here to be your partner as you navigate through these challenges. With our industry expertise and insights, combined with your unique customer landscape understanding, together we can build the perfect kitchen solution. To do this, we focus on the following critical areas of your business:

• Streamlining and efficiency • Integrating technology
• Driving speed and throughput • Elevating the customer experience
• Innovating with culinary and design • Maximizing profitability
• Safe, healthy, and eco-friendly environment  

We analyse your business-specific needs with this systematic approach to bring together proven best practices and our arsenal of tools. We have a world-leading toolkit at our fingertips, from our Data Simulator and 3D Virtual Reality to Culinary resources and our in-house industry experts. Partnering with you allows us to rapidly deploy solutions that deliver results for your employees, your guests, and your business targets.

While these challenges can take time and resources to finetune, we understand the urgency of today’s environment and embrace solutions and technology that address more short-term critical needs of each market segment in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Meet our One Kitchen concept. Whether you run a Production, Café, QSR, Fine Dining, Ghost Kitchen or any other type of kitchen, this approach adapts seamlessly to your ever changing needs and is results driven. We focus on mission-critical challenges that are vital across foodservice environments. We can support your operations and navigate this challenging current business landscape by tackling:

  • Kitchen Optimization – performing health checks on your current operations to optimize around labor, kitchen efficiency and right sizing for your changing environment
  • Delivery & To-Go - more critical than ever, Restaurants need to explore more “further finished” kitchen spaces allowing for bulk production in “Commissary Kitchens” feeding into mobile, container or ghost kitchen spaces
  • Ghost Kitchens - adding additional safe modular kitchens and food trucks
  • No Touch / Safe Distancing - Provide safe distance or no touch delivery best practices, integrating breath guards, food safety shields, and more
  • Virtual Culinary Support - Providing product testing and innovation sessions thru virtual training
  • Solutions That Address Your Needs - Integrate Advanced Holding Technology, Speed Ovens, Automated
  • Temporary Drive-Thru - Casual dining kitchens adapt their existing To-Go areas to temporary drive-thru
  • Conveyor Cooking and Multi-Functional Equipment - Maximizing your space and efficiency through multi-tasking equipment


Whether it’s a Production, Café, QSR, Fine Dining, Ghost Kitchen, or any other type of Kitchen, Welbilt One Kitchen is the best kitchen operation for you.


Ghost Kitchens

What’s a kitchen without walls? Quite simply, it’s a commercial cooking space with no dining option available. Enter: the ghost kitchen (also known as a virtual, delivery-only or online-only kitchen). This is a space containing commercial foodservice equipment needed for the preparation and delivery of restaurant meals but has no dining area for walk-in customers. 

Do you want to launch a ghost kitchen or transition your business virtually? Welbilt manufactures the world’s leading commercial ice, beverage, refrigeration and cooking brands, enabling operators to seamlessly shift their business to delivery/carryout. With over 60 years’ experience supporting every global restaurant chain, Welbilt can convert your “To-Go” to “On-the-Go” with our Welbilt Ghost Kitchens service. Learn more about Welbilt Ghost Kitchen solutions and connect with a sales representative to get started.



Brick and mortar are two materials used to build a structure with walls. But running a successful restaurant takes more than that. It takes countless ingredients to craft the perfect experience. A traditional physical space requires lots of design, investment, and resources. And to get the best of the best, you need the right partner to work with you and supply industry-leading equipment throughout your kitchen's entire lifecycle. Welbilt supplies 12 global product brands and 3 service brands to meet and exceed your operation needs. 

Whether you are a commercial or noncommercial food establishment, our team of experts will work with you to design, recommend, implement, monitor and service your equipment so we can take the hassle out of owning and operating a successful operation. 
Let’s start the journey together and take an in-depth look at Welbilt Segments.

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