At Welbilt, we are designing the kitchen of the future to drive continuous improvements in performance for our customers. As our partners navigate a new digital world, we help them leverage data to optimize their processes and bottom line, improve the guest experience they deliver, and over time provide a platform that will enable them to continually adapt to our changing world.

The application of digital technology to kitchen operations makes it possible to put the power of information to work so your operation can adapt to an everchanging environment faster and more efficiently. Welbilt's KitchenConnect® digital platform offers numerous ways to harness this power to take operations from average to great, realizing benefits like never before.

What does KitchenConnect offer?

Our dashboard unlocks all the equipment information you need to optimize the operation of your kitchen. Below are examples of the information you can access with KitchenConnect.
Report Management
Report Management
  • Consumption data (Electric, Water, Consumables)
  • Cycle rates
  • Utilization rates
  • Operational status
  • Time charts (peak/low)
  • Demand analysis (food)
  • Error logs/needed actions
  • Production statistics
  • Descriptive analytics
Asset Management
Asset Management
  • ID (Model, Serial#)
  • Location (Geo Data)
  • Status (SW, Firmware)
  • Service provider
  • Installation data
  • Documents, manuals, videos
  • Warranty period
  • Store ID
  • Remote software downloads
Menu Management
Menu Management
  • Remote menu/cookbook downloads
  • Product image management
  • Companion app recipe creation & modification
  • Recipe library viewing/sharing
  • Daypart assignment
  • Product position assignment
Quality Management
Quality Management
  • HACCP data
  • Cook/harvest/draft data
  • Temp min/max data
  • Cycle times (completed/cancelled)
  • Product quality data (equipment, operator, facility)
  • Cleaning cycles
Service Management
Service Management
  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Error resolution guidance
  • Service reports
  • Warranty service
  • PM programs and guidance

Who We Are Connecting With

Franchisee Owners

QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants)

QSRs require continually enhanced fast delivery of consistent, high-quality food and the ability to measure customer satisfaction. The ability to easily access data related to equipment operation and performance ensures the highest quality food delivered at the fastest possible speed. Equipment connectivity puts this information at operator’s fingertips and makes it possible to manage recipes and menu offerings, as well as equipment firmware updates with the push of a button to one or multiple locations.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast Casual restaurants are driven by their ability to provide customized, freshly prepared, high quality meals while delivering a relaxing dine-in experience to their customers. Profitability and brand equity are achieved through customer desired menu offerings, consistently prepared without outages or service delays. Equipment connectivity makes it possible to identify the popularity of menu items, control inventory, and minimize service delays. Brand equity is protected when the connected kitchen provides the dine-in experience expected by customers.

Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores are challenged to continually improve the quality, taste, freshness and healthfulness of their food as they compete to attract customers from other established foodservice providers. They must leverage their strength, convenience, to attract customers who are increasingly looking for meal solutions that in addition to being convenient are easy, effortless, safe and efficient to obtain. Their customer base is looking for value at a low price point so their foodservice operations must be extremely efficient to meet these expectations. Equipment connectivity can provide these efficiencies through data solutions for inventory control, food safety, energy and consumables management, proper equipment operation and preventative maintenance.


Hotel/Resorts have diverse food operations in multiple locations under the same roof. The asset management capability of connected equipment, allows managers to use the IoT to make smarter resource decisions. Connected devices enable the integration of systems, giving a greater level of equipment control that maximizes utilization, efficiency and performance. Outside food delivery brought quickly to customers has been a great challenge against which hotels must compete. Data from smart equipment allows the early identification of customer use trends so that offerings can be tailored to customer needs. This allows the forging of closer connections to their customer base and builds customer loyalty.

Welbilt Connected Equipment List

Our smart, connected equipment includes the following from the Welbilt portfolio, but we are expanding it with every new product release.

Carrara, Unity, PSL50/200/1000, G-Snack, G-Drink, Brooklyn, Carrara Large, Simplicity, Barista Station

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